Let’s plant Coconut Palms together!

We are very happy that the youth of Kafountine supports our projects so enthusiastically and energetically again and again!       Under the guidance of Lamine Diatta, 30 young people are building [...]

Working with nature

Our first organic permaculture banana harvest Full of pride and joy we have harvested our first organic bananas. 1 banana stalk weighs 35 to 40 kg! And actually already in the 2nd year – that is [...]

A dream comes true!

Finally! The preparations for the construction of the kindergarten are at full speed. The young architect Philipp Plank was enthusiastic about our project from the very beginning and has started [...]

Our first rice harvest

In December, we could harvest our first rice crop. It was our initial year of cultivation and the work with the large, new rice thresher, which we also lent to other people, opened additional [...]

Bees – our “employers”

84 future beekeepers from Kafountine and the surrounding communities have started their training! The wooden boards for the bee houses have been delivered and must be cut to size. The children [...]

We train beekeepers!

How to become a beekeeper in the Kafountine region? Our cooperation partner Nouha Diatta presents his concept in Kafountine and the 20 surrounding communities. The main objective is to train 60 [...]

Rest in peace, Yaya Silla!

You were a main pillar of our fishing project “Boat to Stay”. With your enormous knowledge about fishing, boat building and with all your good contacts, which have been so important [...]

Our passion project 2020/21

A storm has severely damaged the roof of the kindergarten. We are using the vacation season to make the necessary repairs. The storm has uncovered the roof and we also need to repair and extend [...]

Living with nature

Mamadou Sagna leads the permaculture project in the “paradis vert”. He has lifted this special garden out of the bush and achieved a lot within the first year. Many beds have been [...]

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