Finally the time has come!

In April, one of them will be ours 🙂 We are preparing the first container transport for our self-help projects in Kafountine/Senegal and we are looking forward to many donations in kind: From [...]

The power of women

Many women in the village of Kafountine often do hard work to provide a modest living basis for their children and families. Not only they carry full water buckets and firewood, they also carry [...]

Successful on the way …

Thankfully, we look back on the year 2018, when we took many steps to further develop our projects. We are especially happy about the valuable volunteer work of Waltraud Martius (Syncon – [...]

A boat to stay

The “boat to stay” is a traditional wooden fishing boat that has been used for coastal fishing in Senegal since time immemorial. We built such a boat in Kafountine with funding from [...]

“Farming to stay”

This will ensure that 80 to 100 women in Kafountine not only get sustainable jobs, and thus a sustainable income, but they are also able to meet their own family’s basic needs. There are about 20 [...]

Education to stay.

The mayor of the municipality of Kafountine, Dr. Nfansu Victor Diatta, has provided a large piece of land for free to enable a new kindergarten to be built. With a generous donation, a well for [...]