Successful on the way …

Thankfully, we look back on the year 2018, when we took many steps to further develop our projects. We are especially happy about the valuable volunteer work of Waltraud Martius (Syncon – International Frenchise Beratung) and Claudia Gilhofer (gil_com | creative identity and beyond). Both of them spend a lot of time and know-how to advance our projects. My thanks also go to our project partner Mamakeh Bodian, who is on a daily basis to achieve our Kafountine goals and he does a really great job.

What have we achieved?

Our first “boat to stay” works self-sufficient and secures the long-term jobs of fishermen. A second boat is in progress.

The project of “agriculture to stay” mainly creates jobs for women. So far 2 hectares of land have been bought and cleared. The construction of the fence is in progress. The well should be built in March. A tractor with a trailer was purchased, which currently serves as a means of transport. He is can also be used well to collect garbage.

In order to protect 208 children, we have renovated the dilapidated kindergarten provisionally, until the financing for the new building is secured.

We extended our Medical Care project to the urgent support of the hospital.

With our new logo and a new homepage, we want to reach more people on the Internet. With blog posts, we will keep you regularly up to date in the future.

African Spirit, in cooperation with the partner association, fulfills all requirements for achieving donation deductibility. We hope to offer you this service later this year.

Our next steps and tasks:

  • Joint work in Kafoutine – Eva Mück is from 19.2. to 7.3. on site :
  • Continuation of the agricultural project
  • Completion of the second boat
  • Medical Care
  • Concept for cooperation with kindergarten / school, new kindergarten
  • women’s issues in the village, support for orphans in families, project discussions with Mayor Dr. Nfansu Diatta
  • Establishment of a mechanic workshop

In Austria we will present our agricultural project an our work in Diamani Kouta – New Generation at the Lions Congress from 17.-19.5.2019 in Kufstein.

Thank you to all sponsors, donors and helping hands who support us in our projects. We are also very grateful for the confidence in our work with the people in their homeland. Thank you.


Let’s help to stay!

Yours Eva Mück and Mamakeh Bodian
in the name of “Diamani Kouta – New Generation” in Kafountine



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