Education to stay.

The mayor of the municipality of Kafountine, Dr. Nfansu Victor Diatta, has provided a large piece of land for free to enable a new kindergarten to be built. With a generous donation, a well for potable drinking water could be built. Our association “Diamani Kouta – New Generation” is now trying to apply the financing of a new building in amount of € 45.000. This includes the interior of the building. The building plans and quotations are already available.

A kindergarten for 208 children:

The children must attend the kindergarten from the age of 3 to 5, before being admitted to the primary school.There is also a great opportunity for us to help shape the school and actively participate in the selection of teachers and the quality of teaching, monitoring, etc.. Punishment should not be practiced in this kindergarten. That is a prerequisite for our support and cooperation. We want to accompany these children and guide them to take their education and training opportunities. Good professionals in women’s and men’s professions are certainly a future for the young generation and the entire village development. For that we need the support of partnership sponsoring. At present, the vast majority of young people are trained according to the principle of “learning by doing”. The founder of this kindergarden, Mrs. Fanséni Ayisa Sabally and the kindergarden director Gérard Flaubert Diatta want to work together in this important future project with our association chairman Mamakeh Bodian. We want to go a new way in education and training and give a positive example. A great opportunity for the children, but also the village – for all of us. The construction could start immediately. During the last rainy season, the previously used old building had to be temporarily closed due to collapse. In addition, the roof is leaked in some places and the 2 toilets are in desolate and unhygienic condition.



Let’s help to stay!

Yours Eva Mück and Mamakeh Bodian
in the name of “Diamani Kouta – New Generation” in Kafountine



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