The children of Kafountine are real artists!

Boubacar teaches the schoolchildren of Kafountine everything they need to know about bees. In doing so, he takes away their fear of bees and, above all, he teaches the children how indispensable bees are for all of us to survive on this planet.❤️🐝


It is such a joy when the children voluntarily come to Nouha and Boubacar’s beekeeping school at the weekend and want to learn. We reward them with good food and – most importantly – a perspective for the future. These children may become the beekeepers of tomorrow… ❤️🐝


Nouha always surprises us with creative ideas! This giant bee will soon land on the roof of our shop in Kafountine, where we sell our 100% pure bee honey… a visible sign for the appreciation of bees!🐝🐝🐝


In parallel, of course, the daily work in the beekeeping project continues. Our beekeepers constantly have to move bee colonies from the smaller wooden boxes in which they are captured to the larger, stable concrete beehives in which they produce the honey.🍯🍯🍯. Here, Nouha brings these apiaries in traditional wooden boats to the offshore islands , as our hardworking beekeepers are spread over wide areas.


Thank you, Nouha and Boubacar! 🙏🏾🐝

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