Let’s plant Coconut Palms together!

We are very happy that the youth of Kafountine supports our projects so enthusiastically and energetically again and again!


Under the guidance of Lamine Diatta, 30 young people are building a fence in the traditional way for a one-hectare plot of land owned by the association, on which we want to plant coconut palms.
These are considered a diverse source of food and raw materials. They bear fruit all year round from the 6th year – for up to 60 years. In addition to the traditional use of coconuts, you can produce coconut oil, palm wine, palm vinegar and palm sugar. The palm fronds are used for roofing or as brooms. Baskets, mats and ropes are woven from the fibers. The coconut husks are a natural fertilizer and the wood of the palms is used for house, furniture and boat construction.

Reforestation is an important concern for us. Therefore we have already planted over 300 fruit trees and are now looking forward to the new palm grove.

The women from our agricultural project prepare lunch for all hard-working helpers and afterwards plans are made for further future projects in Kafountine.


A big THANK YOU and BRAVO to the young people who are working here together with us for a future in their home village!
Let’s help to stay!
For 22€ you can watch “your” palm tree growing!

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