Working with nature

Our first organic permaculture banana harvest

Full of pride and joy we have harvested our first organic bananas. 1 banana stalk weighs 35 to 40 kg! And actually already in the 2nd year – that is fantastic! Permaculture needs patience and time to prepare the soil optimally. But you will be rewarded later with more beautiful, bigger and a higher quantity of fruits. We are very satisfied. Thank you Mamadou, Abdoul and Fidel for your good work!


Abdoul and Fidel grow new plants from the seeds of the fruits and work on the construction of new beds. They pay meticulous attention to the right composition of the soil. This is the most important condition. Only thus the cooperation between plants and animals can function properly. The result is visible in healthy and magnificent plants and fruits. Nature thanks us for respectful treatment of all living beings.


Catching bees in the orange grove

61 bee houses are fixed in the orange trees to attract bee colonies. With the splendid smell of ripe oranges, it won’t take long! When the swarms are complete with their queens, they will be moved to larger, compact concrete hives where they will begin producing honey. Thanks for your great work, Nouha!


These beautiful, flowering Daniella Oliveri-trees are like paradise for our bees. This tree is also a valuable medicinal plant and its bark is used to repel mosquitoes in the houses. Nouha is happy and always trying to find the best places. The hives are cared for by the students until they are moved to the larger, more robust houses in about 1 month for honey production. Everything is accurately registered and tracked. A very exciting development…


After 3 weeks the 6th handicraft fair in Kafountine ended successfully for us today. Nouha Diatta was able to show many visitors the importance of bees for nature and for our future and to introduce the beekeeping profession.


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