A dream comes true!

Finally! The preparations for the construction of the kindergarten are at full speed.

The young architect Philipp Plank was enthusiastic about our project from the very beginning and has started to study the traditional construction method. We will build a typical circular building and use a mixture of sand, earth, cement and water as building material. During the first weeks, the architect will personally accompany the construction company’s work on the construction site. Thank you, Philo!


With the generous Christmas donation of the company XXXLutz, we were able to start clearing the land and building the 400m long and 2.5m high protective wall around the property at the end of December. More than 12.000 handmade bricks are ready and the foundation is being made right now. The wall is scheduled for completion in February. Digging a 400m long trench for the wall foundation with these simple tools is hard to imagine for us and I have great respect for the workers who are working diligently every day to complete the protective wall in the given time.


A thousand thanks to Dr. Albert Schmidbauer of the BIOGENA company and his team, especially Julia Ganglbauer and Daniela Lienbacher, for their generous belated Christmas donation and for their continuous trust in our work. Thank you, dear Waltraud Martius, for your everlasting commitment! The word THANK YOU often seems too small to me for this precious support – we’ll continue to do our best to give as many people as possible a perspective for the future in their home country. Therefore we need more donations!

Education begins at kindergarten. Kindergarten is a prerequisite for every child to get a place in Primary School. Support us with “building blocks” for the kindergarten or with sponsorships for those children whose parents cannot afford their children’s school attendance. Be part of it – give a child a future!






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