Our first rice harvest

In December, we could harvest our first rice crop. It was our initial year of cultivation and the work with the large, new rice thresher, which we also lent to other people, opened additional income sources for us. We have thus already been able to cover the fixed costs of the project ourselves. I am proud of our project manager Lamine Diatta and his staff. Everyone has worked hard and achieved a lot in this challenging year. Thank you!


We want to promote the production of good Senegalese rice to strengthen the economy in the village. Regional products need to receive more attention.

Mamadou Sagna is leading our permaculture-project “Working with Nature”.

Permaculture can be understood as the growth of agricultural ecosystems in a self-sufficient and sustainable way – without machines, with humans, animals and plants living and growing in harmony. The result are good and healthy yields. Even if we contribute only very little to our earth’s healing, we are delighted. Elaborate soil preparation and nutritional support with 100% natural fertilizer are worth the outcome. It is such a joy to watch our organic bananas grow and prosper!


Together we have made a big difference in Kafountine and given many families a perspective in their homeland. We are infinitely grateful to the Salzburg “LIONS”, first of all the leading LC Hohensalzburg, with the support of LC INTERNATIONAL for their decisive help in realising our agricultural project in Kafountine. Moreover, I also thank our members and the project leader for their diligence, commitment and perseverance in this challenging year 2020. With great motivation, we can now look forward to the year 2021 and let the project grow on a sound basis. Thank you very much and may you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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