Rain, rain, rain – way too long and way too much!

Not only the strict Corona regulations, but also the massive rain since the beginning of July have made life particularly difficult for the people in Kafountine this year.

House roofs are broken, house walls are collapsing, rooms are under water, fishing has been greatly reduced, there is too little clean drinking water, and many people are falling ill with malaria and other diseases that are particularly common in the rainy season.

But besides all these difficulties, there are also positive things to report:

The rice machine has arrived!

Diamani Kouta – New Generation has also been growing rice since 2020 in order to promote regional production. Next to fish, rice is the most important staple food of the Senegalese. But regional rice production suffers from competition with cheap imports from China. We want to counter this and keep prices as low as possible, so that the locals can afford rice from their region. We want to strengthen the people in the village and their economy and create awareness for their regional food. Thank you Medzo Ice for your reliable and important support!


Ibrahima Badiane produces 100% natural soaps!

A new cooperative with Ibrahima Badiane expands the range of our products with a successful start in soap production. The base of this soap is red palm oil and palm kernel. Ibrahima adds different herbs and plants from nature: acacia, eucalyptus, lemon leaves, citronelle, aloe vera and many more – great quality and 100% natural! There are currently 360 pieces available in Kafountine. This project also creates more new jobs. Soon we will be able to offer a soap that repels mosquitoes and can thus contain malaria. Ibrahima is already working on it.


Solar power also for the pump in our second well!

Now our work in the fields can continue at full speed. We’ll have enough water for our 2 ha of land to irrigate the seedlings and plants even in the dry season – with solar energy. To our delight, the water is also clean and drinkable. Thank you, Lamine Diatta, for your good work and great commitment!


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