Rest in peace, Yaya Silla!

You were a main pillar of our fishing project “Boat to Stay”.

With your enormous knowledge about fishing, boat building and with all your good contacts, which have been so important for us, you made this project possible and successful. Without big words you took responsibility, you always did everything necessary for the maintenance of the boats, for the daily smooth running, for the success of our project. You worked tirelessly for it, everywhere actively lent a hand – you were the good soul of the “boat to stay” and above all you were an extremely loyal and lovable friend.

Even though you are no longer with us, you will always remain in our hearts. We are immensely sad, but also grateful for the time we could spend with you. Thank you for all your important work at Diamani Kouta. Thank you for your precious friendship.

We will miss you and our sympathy goes to your children, wife and family.

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