Our passion project 2020/21

A storm has severely damaged the roof of the kindergarten. We are using the vacation season to make the necessary repairs.

The storm has uncovered the roof and we also need to repair and extend the sanitary area. So far, about 100 children had to get along with only one  toilet and a few potties.


In 2020/21, we plan to build a new kindergarten for 300 children. Education and training are the basis for their future! Until then, however, children and teachers should still be able to learn, sing, dance and play safely in the old building. With the support of the “Rotary Club Braunschweig – Heinrich der Löwe” we can repair and renew the roof, build a second, urgently needed toilet and fill dangerous cracks in the walls. Thank you very much for this valuable help!


The plans for the new kindergarten are ready. Your Sponsorship of € 30 per month will help us with the implementation. Every support is welcome and will be used 100% for the children in the kindergarten. Education and training for the children’s future in their home country!

Build the kindergarten with us!


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