Living with nature

Mamadou Sagna leads the permaculture project in the “paradis vert”.

He has lifted this special garden out of the bush and achieved a lot within the first year. Many beds have been professionally laid out according to the rules of permaculture and have already been planted. Soon beehives from Nouha Diatta will also find their place here. Mamadou is not only an expert in permaculture, he also has very extensive knowledge of medicinal plants, he loves nature and all living beings, and is a long-time valuable friend for me.


It is a wonderful feeling to do good to nature and to harvest good in return.

We want to teach people in the village about the benefits of permaculture and later do workshops for children. We want them to realize how valuable it is to work with nature. Nature has everything it needs and rewards us with healthy vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.


There is also good news in our agricultural project:

With the support of the Lions Club International, we were able to purchase a hand plow. What a great progress! This device makes field work much easier and we are very grateful for it.


Many thanks for the very helpful support of the handling and delivery to Medzo Ice!

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