Let’s save the bees!

The extinction of bees would have catastrophic effects on the ecological balance of our planet! Nouha Diatta breeds bee colonies, trains beekeepers, supports the vital eco-system and creates jobs.


– More bee colonies for the ecological balance

– More honey for delicate flavour and health

– More jobs

“Diamani Kouta – New Generation” supports together with Frank Weiß from beefuture a very exciting and important project to increase the population of bees, protect nature, train beekeepers in Kafountine and the surrounding communities and produce pure organic honey. In Senegal, the health value of pure honey is also appreciated as a natural remedy.

I would like to thank especially the Development Policy Advisory Board of Salzburg for the financial support of this important project. So, in June, the production of the beehives could be started, which we will make available to the beekeeping students. The jars for the honey have also been ordered and the labels are being printed. We will train a total of 60 beekeepers in the first year. As a next step, 2-3 beekeepers per community will be trained in 20 surrounding communities of the village next year, who will also take care of the ecosystem of the region with their 20 hives each. The concept was entirely worked out by Nouha Diatta and also the beehives are designed by him. It is a great pleasure to work with Nouha Diatta and create new jobs in the region.

Frank Weiß from beefuture was in Kafountine in November 2019 to meet Nouha himself and accompany his work for a week. He was relly impressed and offered Nouha to join his work in Austria for a month to learn from his way of working and gain new knowledge. Then Corona came… but we will try again in 2021.

In the first year we need additional financial support for the basic equipment. In the following years the project will be self-sustaining from the income of honey sales. We are happy to receive donations for the benefit of this project!


Let’s save the bees! – Let’s do something before it’s too late…

Thank you very much!


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