“When we have a job, we’re happy!”

The laughter of the women in our projects gives me so much joy and the boundless will to work with full energy for their future prospects.

All these women are doing such a great job and they carry the sun in their hearts. Every day they walk in blazing sun 3 km to the fields and back to water the plants and take care of them. They are so grateful for this job, even though it is hard, and despite all the hard work, their laughter fills the air across the fields.


Finally we got the hoses and sprinklers – what a relief! Everyone is happy because we have plenty of water. Water is life! After some difficulties with the soil conditions, we can now enjoy sufficient water reserves. With four additional full water basins, we can shorten the walking distances for the women.


Musa Camara, a great and versatile artist, whom we have already introduced with his wonderful fabric prints, has painted the logos of our sponsors for the “agricultural land to stay” on the wall of our now completed agricultural building, where we store the gardening tools and machines.


Once again our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, especially to the Development Policy Advisory Board of the Province of Salzburg, the LC Hohensalzburg and the LC International and to the administration in Kafountine for the good cooperation!


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