Step by step…

A big thank you from Mme Sabaly, Mme Cesay and Director Diatta to Dr. Albert Schmidbauer from the company BIOGENA!


With the generous help of Dr. Schmidbauer we were finally able to bring electricity into the rooms of the kindergarten, make a few minor repairs and above all we were able to start the project “healthy snack”. From now on, all children get a rich breakfast every day in the first lesson and are later provided with fruit and drinks. Many of the children arrive at kindergarten with an empty stomach and without a snack – that belongs to the past! If necessary, the children are also provided with medical care. Awa, the good soul of the house, can now finally be paid adequately for her work. In the background she takes care of the well-being of the children, cleans their pots and the whole kindergarten. Another important step for the future well-being of the children.

Thank you very much, Dr. Schmidbauer, for your valuable support – you have made us and especially the children very happy!

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