A surgery for Aisha

A cleft palate makes eating and speaking very difficult for Aisha. Due to a visual impairment, she also has great difficulty following lessons. In addition, there is ridicule and exclusion in class and in the schoolyard.

Mama Danda fled from the Ivory Coast to Kafountine with her daughter and her sister’s 3-year-old son. She is a nurse and can earn a little money at the hospital. But it is not even enough for the monthly room rent, food, medicine, school fees, etc. She could never afford an operation for her daughter in Dakar.

We want to help Aisha. She does not know exactly what she will have to face, but she knows that she will be helped. She is very happy about that. The specialist Dr. Sigh in Dakar has agreed to the operation after detailed examinations and is preparing everything for Aishas surgery in April with his team.


Many thanks for the support via Facebook and also to all of you who donated directly for Aisha via this appeal. We are now missing about € 350 to be able to pay for Mama Danda’s journey there and back and for her stay in Dakar. It is very important that she can be with Aisha during this time.

We help…  you, too?

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