The farming work begins!

The women of the village have been waiting impatiently for this moment. Now they finally can start! They are preparing and planting one field after the other.


Lamine Diatta, our project leader for the farmland, is happy about the dedicated women. He is a great team leader, also for the youth in the village of Kafountine, who is always helping out, for example with the peanut harvest. Here you can see him with his adorable granddaughter.


Diligently, the women prepare the harvested peanuts for sale. Huge quantities were sorted out by hand. They taste incomparably good! 100% BIO and fairtrade!


We are worried about the well. We have to drill deeper again and are now at 20m to avoid a clayey sand layer. This sand gums up the pump and so the water cannot rise optimally. It is high time to irrigate the plants, that the women have already grown. Currently, they fetch the water from a neighboring plot, but this is no option in the long run. We are building another well on the other side of the farmland, which will be needed in any case for the 2 hectares. Everybody helps! The daughters come to support their mothers to bridge our difficult water situation. The young plants would dry up immediately without intensive irrigation.

Finally! Everyone’s great effort has paid off: now we have enough water!


I have great respect for these women who have persevered under these difficult conditions – and also for the men for working so well together to find and implement a solution.

In this togetherness for a common goal, a big family is emerging. I am very happy to witness this!

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