A merry and very thankful christmas

We look back on this year with great gratitude. Thanks to your support we were able to accomplish many things:

  • A second “boat to stay” was built
  • The women from our “agricultural land to stay” have brought in the first peanut harvest and the well and the irrigation system are almost finished
  • A container with relief goods for hospital, kindergarten and school has safely arrived
  • With the support of Frank Weiss from “beefuture”, our project for beekeeping and honey production has successfully started
  • Visit and support of Gabriele Neugebauer in the kindergarten
  • 1 month of volunteer work by Dr. Maike Sahler in the maternity ward of the hospital
  • Support for families in need with food, medical care and more
  • Donation deductibility by the tax office is effective since Dec. 17, 2019


Our vision for 2020:

  • Focus on education: The kindergarten urgently needs a new building
  • Advance bee-project and honey production with Nouha Diatta and the support of Frank Weiss
  • Funding for the large 800m net for the 2nd boat
  • Education in the important topics health, hygiene and environment


A big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Eva Mück + the board members of Diamani Kouta – New Generation


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