These children are the future

The children in Kafountine are used to helping and supporting their mothers from an early age. As a result, they learn many things as a matter of course, are always an important, active part of the family and help to cope with everyday life, which is often very difficult.


For many of these children, however, school education remains a distant dream.

Besides the lack of tuition fees, one major prerequisite for school attendance is kindergarden. The existing kindergarden is far too small and desolate. Until today, the children have been sitting crammed together on the cold, hard stone floor from 8 am to 1 pm. Fortunately, our container, concluding the chairs,  has finally arrived and villagers have built matching tables. A requirement for continuous good support and preparation of the children for school and their later education is the construction of a new building that offers enough space.

Love and affection

Cuddles and compassion

Patience and attention

Children need all this – but also daily food, clean water and sanitation, medical care and education. We do our best to provide as many children as possible with these basics. For this, we need your support!

With just 30€ per month you secure a child’s life by helping us provide a simple, freshly cooked meal, clean water, medical care, daily lessons – and hope. And a smile that melts our hearts.


WE can make a big difference together.

WE can give these children a future.


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