Rainy season

From the end of July to mid-October, the rainy season determines life in Kafountine.

What nature benefits of after many months of drought is a challenge for the people. Many roads are completely impassable, houses cannot withstand the long downpours, fishermen cannot go out to sea during storms, everyday life is difficult and even the simplest needs of the people can often no longer be met. Again and again, the simple shelters of the people suffer from the rainy season, collapse partially or completely and then often remain in this condition, because the funds for reconstruction are lacking.

The rainy months are also the time of most illnesses. Malaria, intestinal diseases and skin infections can mean death. Children in particular, whose immune systems are weakened by poor nutrition, often die from these diseases, which in principle are easy to cure. Many families cannot afford the necessary medical care that makes the difference between life and death of their children.


I am always deeply touched to witness all of this first hand and sometimes in tears, when I subsequently hear the sad stories of avoidable losses. But at the same time I am happy to be able to help people to survive with our association Diamani Kouta, to repair their shelters and pay for the necessary medical expenses.

“Let’s help to stay!”


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