Our Container is on it’s way

So many people have actively supported us in collecting the relief goods for our container!

Special thanks to Frank Weiss from beefuture, who supports us with bee houses made of styrofoam and will also accompany Nouha Diatta with professional expertise on site for our bee project. Another thank you goes to VS Straßwalchen who donated one hundred children’s chairs and three school blackboards and VS Köstendorf for computers, printers and teaching materials. The list of donors and helpers is long – our heartfelt thanks go to all of them!


The storage rooms, which the Stiegl brewery has thankfully made available to us, have filled up and now, with the energetic help of Assan Faal, Noah Mück, Daniela Lienbacher from BIOGENA and her husband, we were finally able to load our large container, which, thanks to the generous support of Spedition Weiss, will be sent on its way to Senegal on August 12th.

As so often before, Hans Harrer and his assistant Ludwig Stepan from the Senate of Economy Austria and Mag. Waltraud Martius from Syncon Consulting GmbH have also actively and wholeheartedly participated in the implementation of this relief goods transport – thank you very much! “We have to evolve from ‘Me’ to ‘Us’!” – this is the guiding principle of Hans Harrer: “It is not enough to just look and say ‘Yes, this is a great project’ – you have to help. You have to move from ‘Me’ to ‘Us’!”

Together we can achieve great success. The efforts involved now seem very small to us in relation to our great joy.

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