Motors for a future at home

Our two “boats to stay” now provide a living for 80 extended families. In order to ensure a daily, safe homecoming for our fishermen, our fishing boats need 2 used outboard motors in good condition (minimum 60 hp long shaft).

Our boats are 24 m long and have to cover long distances even in wind and weather on the open sea. There is no sea rescue and no rescue helicopter. Sometimes a boat, if the motor fails, drifts outside for days until it is luckily found. We do not want to expose our men to this risk and therefore urgently need fully functional motors. The fishermen’s work is not only hard, but sometimes life-threatening – so we have a great responsibility for the crew and must ensure their safety. The ease, with which these men constantly master the most difficult situations, and their cheerfulness, despite the hard, dangerous work, impress me again and again and give me the strength to fight for them and their families.

Fish, along with rice, is the main food for the people of Kafountine. When heavy storms prevent the daily trips and whip up the sea, so that the fish flee into the depths for weeks, as happened recently, the food situation in the village becomes difficult. The fishermen have no income, the women no job in processing and selling the fish.

With our project “Boat to Stay” we hope for a productive rainy season, because when the rain knocks on the water surface and the water is warm, the fish come up again and the fishermen return with a rich catch. Rich catch means a future. Those who have a future stay in their homeland.


Let’s help to stay!


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