Creativity is intelligence having fun! (Albert Einstein)

We have great artists in Kafountine and we would like to briefly introduce two of them today:


Musa Camara has developed his own batik technique over many years and creates beautiful printed fabrics in addition to other fantastic works of art, such as wall paintings and reliefs. It is important to him to pass on old traditions and the stories of his ancestors to the younger generation and thus preserve them. A new sewing machine is already in use and two more are waiting in our container, which will be sent in July. So Musa’s beautiful fabrics can be further processed and thus we create new jobs for women.


Using dyes made from roots, leaves, flowers and other natural essences, Ebou Touray conjures up wonderful images on simple fabrics using a special batik technique. In his batik paintings, he tells stories of life in the village, down to the smallest details. Each painting is unique and in addition to paintings, he creates beautiful robes, tapestries, bedspreads, and much more. Ebou is an impressive ambassador of his culture. We are very much looking forward to working with him!


Coping with daily life in Kafountine also requires creativity, but this is often born out of necessity. Like here with the extremely graceful looking transport of heavy, collected firewood bundles in perfect balance. How nice that in addition to all the prevailing hardship, the hard work and the concern for daily survival, being artistically creative nevertheless has its place.

We support this, thus creating further jobs – and above all joy of life!


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