Our “agricultural land to stay” becomes reality

We are blissfully happy – our project “agricultural land to stay” takes off!

The first step is to use a Caterpillar to clear the arable land of large rootstocks, level it and prepare it for growing fruit and vegetables. In a second step, paths will be laid out and the fields will be devided. We have decided to use only natural fertilizers for our farmland, such as shell sand, cow dung, coconut shells and chopped fish skin. Organic farming is active nature protection – and that’s what we want!

As soon as the well with the irrigation system is built, the women can start working. For women, whom we want to support in particular, our agricultural project not only offers jobs, but also the supply of basic foodstuffs for themselves, their children and often for entire extended families. Unemployment in Kafountine is 85% – with this project we give many people hope and a future in their home village.

More jobs will soon be created through beekeeping and honey production.

Nouha Diatta, as a new member of our association,  will take over this part and train further employees in the care of the beehives and in honey production. Our agricultural project offers food for the bees and the bees in turn increase the yield of our agricultural land – a cycle of nature everyone benefits of.

We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts all our sponsors, especially the Development Policy Advisory of Salzburg, the LC Hohensalzburg, the Company BIOGENA and Mrs. Mag. Waltraud Martius/Company Synon Salzburg for their generous support, which makes this agricultural project possible.

We help to stay – we give future!

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